Web Debelopment Pune : There was a time when people were thinking twice before buying online. However, that time has passed. People, today, are more inclined towards online shopping. With the rising popularity of online shopping, product companies, along with the retailers, are investing in an eCommerce website. Having a shop and online store is gaining more popularity.

As preferences are changing, online competition is also increasing. To grab the audience’s attention, you need to have a good eCommerce website design. Approaching an experienced eCommerce website development company in Pune will give you the value for the investment. The experts consider all the latest marketing techniques and key website feature to provide your online store a strong start.

Let us look at the top key features your eCommerce website should have so that you do not lose the customers.

Related Items

When running a store, as a business owner, you would suggest the supplementary product. Apply the same concept to the online store. We help our clients by offering an eCommerce website integrated with the tools to gather useful data. We have noticed that after including the Related Items section, 56% of visitors ended up buying the item from the related item section.

Wish List

There are items that people would not require immediately. However, they would like to buy it later. Offering a feature to bookmark or create a wish list is a smart move. The wish list allows the buyers to remember the products they wanted to buy. Using the wish list feature will not only offer a better user convenience but also increase the chances of repeat business.

Advanced Payment Options

The world is going cashless. There are several advanced payment options available such as PayTM, GPay, PhonePay, UPI, etc. With the introduction of the benefits like discounts, cashback, and offers, buyers prefer to use these modes of transactions.

Immediate Q&A Options for Customers

Suppose the customer wants to purchase any of the particular products. However, if the person has a query and needs help. If the person is about to purchase the product and there’s no response from your support team, the person may exit from the website without buying.

Data-Driven Tool Integrations

Integrating the tools with your eCommerce website can help you study the user behavior, soft conversions like add to cart, etc. You can get the data using tools like Google AdWords, Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel. The data will help you to take further decisions for your business and products. As an experienced eCommerce website development company in Pune and digital marketing company, we always recommend our clients to integrate these tools.

Thus, to engage customers on your e-commerce website, it is important to focus on the key features that every eCommerce website should consider. A well-developed eCommerce website will convert maximum visitors into customers. If you are ready to get started with the online business, let us get in touch.

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